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A great adventure, a gastronomic experience, a deep journey into Anatolian Cuisine…

Explore, enjoy!

We bring the ancient flavors of a wide geography ranging from the Ottoman Palace cuisine to the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, with faithful recipes and in the most original form in copper cauldrons or earthenware as in the region.

İspir dried beans cooked with Kayseri pastrami dried in the frost of Erciyes, rice with Urfa plain oil, Cherry Leaf Wrap from the Palace cuisine, Stuffed Rice with Lamb Tandoori and Chestnut with the Seljuk recipe, Ali Nazik, Firik Cacik, Hatay muhammara with pomegranate syrup, Bulgur pilaf with cream with the traditional roast of Rize, We keep our traditional food values ​​such as Antep’s famous Semsek Pita, Helva-i Hakani, which is cooked only on special occasions from Edirne Palace, Hamsiköy rice pudding, Paradise mud… Discover, enjoy!

The tasting menu is served with the selection of all guests at the table and is priced per person.