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All from their region
in its most traditional and most natural form…

and freshly baked sourdough breads, fresh from the oven
fragrant Turkish tea..

Cheese Plate “Ezine White, Kars Cheddar, Cecil, Bergama Tulum Cheese” with Fresh Walnuts, Dried Apricots, Fresh Curd with Sour Cherry Jam, Gemlik Dried Olives, Antakya Halhal Green Olive Salad, Highland Butter, Buffalo Cream with Bitlis Strained Honey, Roasted Sesame Sahine, Giresun Hazelnut Paste, Homemade Jams, Nutella, Bursa Homemade Paste, Fresh Cucumber Plate “Simav Tomato, Çengelköy Cucumber, Pepper, Parsley, Caper Flower”, Grilled Sausage, Coyote Menemen, Rize Roast*, Fresh Herb Boiled Egg*, Pancakes with Cheese, French Fries, Pancakes*, Bagel, Cheese Open Toast, Fresh Bread, Unlimited Brewed Tea

Our breakfast is served between 09.00-12.00 on weekdays and weekends.